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    We are protected by the U.S. Constitution, and the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993. Upheld in a unamimous decision by the U.S. Supreme Court in 2006. Allows all American citizens to cultivate and grow any "schedule one" drug, as long as it’s use is as sacrament in a "sincerely held religious belief". The Hobby Lobby decision 8 years later reaffirms the former decision.

    The U.S. Supreme Court ruling was based on the Religious Freedom Restoration Act and applies to all federal officers and agencies, including the D.E.A.. Similar rulings could possibly be based on similarly worded state laws in Alabama, Arizona, California, Connecticut, Florida, Idaho, Illinois, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, South Carolina, and Texas.

After you’ve placed your order and made your donation go to the link, download and print the
Application Form
Fill it out (remember to print ledgibly, sign and date it). Then mail it to the address found at the bottom of the page. Once we receive the application form and verify the signed document, we will then process your request and place it on the alter to await the next full moon.
Pr Ntr Kmt

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There are no limits. Its Sacrament

    Cannabis use in prayer was mandated by ancient Egypt (Kemet) over 5,000 years ago, and the practice continues to this day. Each Temple (Pr Ntr Kmt) was required to burn 9 lbs of cannabis a day for incense alone. Each hour the top ingredients were changed but the base was always cannabis. 24 different scents for 24 hours. After a couple of weeks or so you would be able to tell time by the aroma eminating from the temple. "Now that’s civilized."

We are also, protected by federal law to distribute across state lines. As did the Catholic church during the Alcohol Prohibition. The government alowed sacramental wineries to cultivate grapes expressly for the fermentation of wine. They had the right to cross state, county and city lines to deliver the sacrament to all Catholic parishes. Each parish member could make a donation and walk home with their choice of sacrament. Later, other denominations participated, either directly or through a Catholic friend.

    On February 21, 2006, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled unanimously 8-0 (Alito didn’t participate because he wasn’t there to hear the case) that members of the ayahuasca-using União do Vegetal (UDV) church (estimated 130 members in the U.S.) must be allowed to continue using their DMT-containing tea until a final decision is reached in their case against the government.

    No court has yet ruled specifically on sincerely held religious belief in Ntr Sentra using cannabis. Please be aware that the government routinely violates its citizens’ Constitutional rights (especially under the Bush administration) and only those with a lawyer can actually exercise basic Constitutional rights. Because U.S. law only grants Constitutional rights to those who are wealthy enough to afford lawyers, you will need to hire a Constitutional lawyer, if you intend to exercise your first amendment religious right to worship a Goddess instead of the officially established God that appears in the written religious oath “In God We Trust” that is officially placed on all U.S. money.

"She Opens the Doors of Heaven for You"

Pr Ntr Kmt home page
Seshat of the 2 Dog Star (Sirius) or hempStar

Goddess of
Seven Points

carved in stone
Pr Ntr Kmt
1000s of years

  Cannabis is an ancient Greek word based on an ancient Egyptian phrase. Canna is K9 or Dog, and Bis or Bi is 2. "2 Dog Plant from the 2 Dog Star". It’s embedded in the name it’s extra terrestrial. Hemp is the only natural fibers on earth that twists to the left. All other natural fibers are right handed. You cannot graft hemp with any other fiberous plant because of the opposite twist. The question is, does hemp’s DNA twist to the left. If it does, then it validates the ancient legends that it comes from another star system. Or it could be an insider’s joke, "this plant is out of this world". Or both.

    Seshat is the name of the ancient Egyptian Goddess of Hemp, Mathematics, Measurement and Education. She brought the plant from the 2 Dog Star and offered Cannabis / Hemp to use for Paper, Fabrics, Fuels, Food, Protein, Medicine, Paints, Varnishes, Sealents, Lamp Oil and more. But first and foremost Cannabis must be used as incense in prayer. It gains the attention of the Divine who will pay heed to your prayer of need. Prayers are said with incense and light and the Divine is declared after Amen is said. Amen Heru!.

"Keep your family religion & join with Pr Ntr Kmt"


    Join with the Pr Ntr Kmt religion which adds to and helps strengthen your religious defense with a self-certified license to grow religious cannabis gardens (consult with your attorney). It is free to join the Pr Ntr Kmt church, although your donations will help support the church website and other programs. To join, contact the church at Contact00@PrNtrKmt.org.

    The Ntr Sentra (DivineSmoke, incense) ritual is one of the oldest known religious rituals and variations of it have appeared (often developing independently) in religions and cultures around the world. Ntr Sentra is the sincerely held religious belief that Divine smoke empowers and makes prayers more pleasing to the Divine.

    The Ntr Sentra ritual requires a sincerely held belief in Cannabis Religion. "I have the sincerely held religious belief that the Divine Smoke empowers and makes prayers more pleasing to the Divine. Therefore, my cannabis call, use, possession, cooking, preparation, growing, harvesting, curing, transportation and distribution, is required by the Divine."

    “Ntr Sentra” literally means “the breath of the Divine”. The modern English words “incense” and “frankincense” are derived from this ancient Egyptian phrase. The modern English word “nature” is derived from “Ntr” (Netcher) and the modern English word “scent” is derived from “Sentra”.

    There is active debate as to when the ancient Egyptians included cannabis smoke in the Ntr Sentra ritual. This was clearly occuring by the time the Greeks entered their Golden Age.

    A ritual that can be performed by groups in a temple, as well as by individuals, families, or friends in homes, lots, fields and other places.

    Members of the Ntr Sentrist branch of Pr Ntr Kmt believe that the Ntr Sentra ritual using cannabis smoke for prayers is the most central and most important part of their religion.

    Learning about additional religious beliefs from antiquity and modern times will help you formulate your own personal religious doctrine, which may also help your religious defense (consult your lawyer). A major purpose of this website is to provide church members with high quality information on the Pr Ntr Kmt religion.

    We look forward to adding free and paid listings of lawyers in the U.S. who are willing to defend the Constitutional right to freedom of religion. lawyer who want to be listed should contact Contact00@PrNtrKmt.org,.

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    Pr Ntr Kmt uses the “old school” approach of mail physical mail (“snail mail”) because we need to have your signature on a statement that it is your sincerely held religious belief that you must use cannabis.

    IMPORTANT: Please carefully read and follow the instructions. Pr Ntr Kmt is not responsible for errors or failed delivery of identification cards and certificates if you make mistakes. We want you to receive your high security identification card and beautiful certificate in perfect condition.

    ACCURACY: Please be correct, accurate, and precise. Presenting false information to law enforcement or government is a serious crime that can result in years of torture in prison.

    Clearly label each item. Write legibly (someone who doesn’t know your handwriting will have to try to read your writing). You are encouraged to print your request from a computer or typewriter to increase your accuracy.

    Name: Clearly write your name exactly as you want it to appear on the identification card and certificate (including the exact capitalization). Use Roman/Latin letters only (other writing systems may become available in the future). You may list one additional legal alias or other legal name as an AKA (also known as). Providing law enforcement or government with a false name is a serious crime.

    Date of Birth: Clearly write your date of birth. Again, providing false information to law enforcement or government is a serious crime.

    Signature: You must provide a copy of your legal signature. This must be in black ink on a white or near white background. The signature will be scanned. Make sure there are no lines or other marks in the background or area surrounding your signature.

    Mailing address: Include a legible and full mailing address. Pr ntr Kmt is not responsible for any inability to read your mailing address.

    Phone number: A phone number is optional. Pr Ntr Kmt may use a phone number to clear up any uncertainties.

    E-mail address: An e-mail address is optional. Pr Ntr Kmt may use a phone number to clear up any uncertainties.

    Declaration: You need to include a signed declaration. You need to sign a declaration stating “I (your name) have a sincerely held religious belief that cannabis is essential for my religious practice of Neter Sentra.”

    Donation: Make a minimum donation of $40.00, larger donations are accepted in reverence and thanks. Free Shipping in the continental United States. Make checks or money orders in American dollars payable to “Pr Ntr Kmt”. Wrap cash in opaque paper.

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