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PrNtrKmt Cannabis ID Card religious cannabis identification card

    Pr Ntr Kmt offers an official identification card that informs law enforcement and government that you have the legitimate and legal right to grow, possess, and use cannabis as part of your sincerely held religious beliefs.

    Thousands of Americans have been been released by the police after asserting their religious right to possess cannabis. In most cases there is an hour or two delay while the law enforcement officer checks with supervisors. In one case of lengthy hassle, one Arizona man spent was ordered released from jail and the judge ordered the sheriff to return the one pound of religious cannabis. Online donation system by ClickandPledge

    This hour or two delay is the result of police being skeptical of the claim of a religious defense for possession of cannabis. Pr Ntr Kmt is offering a high quality identification card to help solve this delay problem.

    The identification card is made to the highest modern security standards, inlcuding an embedded picture, embedded signature, security hologram, magnetic encoded strip, made on the same materials as state identification cards and driver’s licenses and made by a company that makes high security identification cards for government and business.

    In addition to the religious cannabis identification card, you will also receive a full color certificate validating that you use cannabis for religious purposes as part of your sincerely held religious belief.

    It would be wise to arrange for the services of a lawyer if you are rich enough to be able to afford one. You should be prepared to defend your religious beliefs in court, including having knowledge about your religion. You may want to read our article on Neter Sentra, the ancient Egyptian practice of using cannabi as an essential part of prayer.

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Religious, Cannabis / Medical Necessity Label Application Form

PrNtrKmt HyroNetcher HyroReligious & Medical Necessity Card / Lable

After you’ve placed your order and made your donation go to the link, download and print the
Application Form
Fill it out (remember to print ledgibly, sign and date it). Then mail it to the address found at the bottom of the page. Once we receive the application form and verify the signed document, we will then process your request and place it on the alter to await the next full moon.
Pr Ntr Kmt

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Price: $40.00

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Code: rcc03
Price: $40.00


    Pr Ntr Kmt uses the “old school” approach of mail physical mail (“snail mail”) because we need to have your signature on a statement that it is your sincerely held religious belief that you must use cannabis.

    IMPORTANT: Please carefully read and follow the instructions. Pr Ntr Kmt is not responsible for errors or failed delivery of identification cards and certificates if you make mistakes. We want you to receive your high security identification card and beautiful certificate in perfect condition.

    ACCURACY: Please be correct, accurate, and precise. Presenting false information to law enforcement or government is a serious crime that can result in years of torture in prison.

    Clearly label each item. Write legibly (someone who doesn’t know your handwriting will have to try to read your writing). You are encouraged to print your request from a computer or typewriter to increase your accuracy.

    Name: Clearly write your name exactly as you want it to appear on the identification card and certificate (including the exact capitalization). Use Roman/Latin letters only (other writing systems may become available in the future). You may list one additional legal alias or other legal name as an AKA (also known as). Providing law enforcement or government with a false name is a serious crime.

    Date of Birth: Clearly write your date of birth. Again, providing false information to law enforcement or government is a serious crime.

    Signature: You must provide a copy of your legal signature. This must be in black ink on a white or near white background. The signature will be scanned. Make sure there are no lines or other marks in the background or area surrounding your signature.

    Photo: You must provide four color photographs of passport size or larger (not to exceed 8x10). Passport size photos are best (and widely available). None of the submitted photos will ever be returned. You will not get your photos back.

    Mailing address: Include a legible and full mailing address. Pr ntr Kmt is not responsible for any inability to read your mailing address.

    Phone number: A phone number is optional. Pr Ntr Kmt may use a phone number to clear up any uncertainties.

    E-mail address: An e-mail address is optional. Pr Ntr Kmt may use a phone number to clear up any uncertainties.

    Declaration: You need to include a signed declaration. You need to sign a declaration stating “I (your name) have a sincerely held religious belief that cannabis is essential for my religious practice of Neter Sentra.”

    Donation: Make a donation of $120.00 (bigger donations really help) plus $5 for mailing in the United States (for a total of at least $125.00). Make checks or money orders in American dollars payable to “Pr Ntr Kmt”. Wrap cash in opaque paper.

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Pr Ntr Kmt Religion & Cannabis Certificate

PrNtrKmt Certificates

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Grow & Smoke Cannabis Legally
Smoke Cannabis Legally

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