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as a Religious Endevour

The ancient Egyptian religion Pr Ntr Kmt offers a valid religious defense for cultivation, transportation, distribution and possession of Hemp and / or Cannabis.

Our ancestors consumed hemp seeds for at least 100,000 years. We have evolved a very delicate and sensitive symbiotic relationship with that plant. Your blood plasma viscosity matches the Hemp seed oil viscosity exactly. It is "The most easily digestible protein on the planet for the human body". Every marijuana seed contains all 8 EFA's, all 10 aminos, and Omegas 3, 6, and 9. On that basis alone Hemp should be re-legalized. The world continually faces famine of biblical proportions. Children are forced to suffer and die from a lack of fresh water and food. No child on earth should be placed on the sacrificial altar for toxic corporate profit.

We should be dropping bomb loads of hemp seeds around the world. Any child can walk up the stalk in a 6 week old field and fill both hands with the equivalent of 1200 to 1600 calories in seeds alone. They will live to see another healthy day, as did our ancestors. "The best things in life are truly free."

There is a way to re-legalize hemp while consuming as much legal Hemp / Cannabis as desired. There are no limits.

That path was set in stone 5 thousand years ago by the ancient Egyptian culture. Upheld in a unanimous U.S. Supreme Court decision in 2006. The religious defense for the use of any Schedule 1 item including Cannabis / Hemp.


The benifits of Italian Industrial Hemp. From contaminated soil clean up to Hemp products and profits.

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Pr Ntr Kmt

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Alcohol Prohibition

The Catholic church was exempt from the 18th amendment. They had religious protections from state intrution so they were allowed to import sacramental wine through U.S.P.S.. They certified wineries for Religious use. They routinely crossed state, county, and city lines to get it to the faithful. One could also procure alcohol for medicinal use. If you made a generous donation to the local church, you could walk home with a bottle or two of your favorite Sacrament and medicine whether you were a congregate or not. For a short period, the Catholic church was the community’s liquor source for quality sacrament and more.

In the 60's president LBJ signed the 501-C3 tax exempt law. If you took it’s shelter you had to strictly obey all federal laws and were to remain mute on anything political. If your organization paid taxes you could speak up, but it still forbade any use of contraband as sacrament across the board. Which is why the Catholic church pays taxes.

Chief Justice Roberts argued in favor of the 1993 Religious Freedom Restoration Act. Both He and the court were skeptical of the government’s position in the case... "Just because the Government says a drug is dangerous in legislation does not relieve the government of it’s obligation to show that it is dangerous in this specific case. The government failed to provide a clear compelling interest which would override the default assumption of religious freedom as spelled out in the Religious Freedom Restoration Act". Chief Justice J. Roberts - U.S. Supreme Court. Suggesting the Bush administration was demanding too much, in their "zero tolerance approach."
wikipedia.org - Religious Freedom Restoration Act

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Cannabis and prayer have been companions for all of history and even reaches into the depths of time in Homo Sapien religious expression. "Ntr Sentra", ancient Egyptian for Divine Breath or Divine Smoke. (Ntr - Divine - Nature) (Sentra - Smoke - Incense). According to the ancients, the Divine created Cannabis, for all it’s industrial magic applications, but most of all Cannabis must be used in prayer. It’s incense garnished the attention of the Divine.

The ancient Egyptian religion, Pr Ntr Kmt (Temple of the Divine of Kemet - Per Neter Kemet), offers a valid religious defense for the use, possession, and growing of cannabis. Pr Ntr Kmt is a well established religion with a religious creed going back thousands of years and is recognized by the U.S. Government and the state of California.
prntrkmt.org Legal Religious Creed

This is not a request to "come on unto our fold." I’m suggesting the exact opposite, but first a little history. The ancient Egyptians kept peace between the thousands of Kemetic (ancient Egyptian) and foreign family religions, for thousands of years with tolerance. There was only one religion in ancient Egypt. Pr Ntr Kmt was found in all great cities and the smallest of villages and towns. All religions and creeds were welcome to celebrate their family rites and rituals within the temple grounds for all to see. The ancients long ago realized when a belief is exclusive, intolerance always leads to the dehumanization and inevitably to war. Peace always prevailes where the alternate, inclusion and tolerance are practiced.

Of course we welcome all spritual congregants, however, we much rather you stay with your family religious beliefs. Even agnostics and atheists have their creed. As long as you can embrace the law of Ma'at which is basically Truth, Honor, Justice, Order, Peace, do as little harm in one's life as possible, and as much good as possible, you are welcome to celebrate with us.

Pr Ntr Kmt is the one of the very few religions in the world to have made cannabis use mandatory in prayer and ritual. Not even the Coptics thought to do so. It was a forgone conclusion no one would ever be stupid enough to outlaw the Blessed Sacrament. Kemetic incense required the burning of 9 lbs of Cannabis every 24 hours. The base was always Cannabis and the top ingredients would change incrementally from hour to hour. So you would know what hour you were in by the scent emminating from the local temple. I consider that the true test of a civilization. On every hieroglyph where the Pharaoh and his wife appears together you’ll see the pipe guy off to the side offering the couple the sacred rite of Ntr Sentra (Divine Smoke).

Once lawyers have worked out the legal paper work, we can then open both religious and medicinal collectives in all 50 states. We will be able to transport over state lines, providing collectives in regions who are not as rich in quality. We can bless the fields and certify their use for Religious Sacrament.

My spiritual journey with Cannabis as Sacrament revelation happened soon after I met Jack Herer and read his book, "The Emperor Wears No Clothes", in the fall of 1991. "Just 8 Days".

Only after the loss of the great shamans of our age, Bob Marley, Terrance McKenna, Joseph Campbell, and many others, did I come to understand the scope, the immensity of the sin commited against the human body, mind, and spirit for nothing better than toxic corporate profit. An atrocity that far surpasses the holocaust of WW2 in it’s ramifications against not only humanity but the planet itself.

The Hemp movement requires Religious Cannabis, Prayer and Faith join in. We will overcome. "Plant that precious, Sacred Seed world wide".

"Let our people grow". Jack Herer

Blessings & Thanks,
sesh per ked

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